About Us

Luverne Dollars for Scholars® is a locally run, non-profit organization promoting post secondary education by providing local scholarships to graduating seniors from Luverne High School in Luverne, MN.  The organization was officially initiated on December 6, 1983.  The sole purpose of the program is to raise money and to disperse this money in the form of scholarships to Luverne High School graduates.


Since December 1983, the Luverne Dollars for Scholars program has been the benefactor of more than 296 perpetual scholarships with a total endowment of more than $9.4 million.


This school year, Luverne Dollars for Scholars awarded a total of $523,750 in scholarships to qualifying LHS graduates in the Class of 2023.


The success of the Luverne Dollars for Scholars program is attributed to many generous LHS graduates who have established perpetual scholarships with the local scholarship program.  For more information about making a contribution to Luverne Dollars for Scholars or establishing a perpetual scholarship, click here.


Luverne Dollars for Scholars is proud to be affiliated with Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars.


"The most valuable asset the country has is not gold or oil,

but the minds of young people."

Dr. Irving A. Fradkin, Founder of Scholarship America